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Administrative Assistant

UGA Extension Office


Hazlehurst, GA, USA


The County Extension Administrative Assistant is responsible for a variety of general office tasks. Work includes the performance of standardized office duties which involve using judgment based on knowledge gained through experience. Assignments that depart from established institutional or county procedures are approved by a supervisor, but employees will be expected to develop their own techniques and procedures. May coordinate functions with Extension staff and/or program assistants. This incumbent will work cooperatively with all agents and are administratively responsible to the County Extension Coordinator and District Extension Director.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and/or Competencies

  • Demonstrates considerable knowledge of business grammar and punctuation; office procedures and systems; and current effective and efficient office practices.

  • Skilled in operating a variety of office equipment such as computer, fax, scanner, typewriter, mimeograph, copier, and telephone.

  • Proficient in current word processing and data management and accounting software programs (i.e., QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).

  • Exhibits high standards of professionalism. Possesses necessary personal skills to perform public relations responsibilities effectively.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with county, district and state staff, local government employees and clientele.Ensure consistent availability during office hours to support the County Extension Coordinator, county staff, and clientele. This involves overseeing daily operations, including the maintenance of accurate records for fiscal reporting, completion of various accounting forms, and fulfillment of basic accounting responsibilities to reconcile local Extension budgets. 

  • Uphold the standard for financial record-keeping aligned with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offices.

  • Manage the office filing system to ensure organization and accessibility.

  • Coordinate office tasks with other county staff.

  • Assist County Extension Coordinator with personnel procedures, monthly leave reports, performance reviews, contact with General Assembly monthly reports, staff meeting minutes, and when necessary, Serious Incident Reports and/or Workman’s Compensation Reports.

  • Complete County Information reports to District Office annually, and when necessary, Memorandums of Understanding between CAES Cooperative Extension and county Boards of Commissioners or Education.

  • Budget allocated funds so that equipment, supplies, travel expenses, and other program supports are within limits and seek additional resources for programs.

  • Conduct all duties in accordance with UGA Cooperative Extension Equal Opportunity regulations that ensures all educational programs, assistance, and materials are provided to all people without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or veteran status.

  • Demonstrate personal interest and involvement in local community by joining local civic organizations (or supporting their efforts) and networking with community leaders.

  • Maintain office inventory of office supplies, and materials as needed.

  • Handle emails and mail correspondence in timely manner.

  • Assist clientele with access to Extension resources and services, including printed publications, on-line content, other educational materials, and sample submission for all diagnostic services (e.g. soil and water testing, feed and animal waste analysis, radon testing).

  • Maintain postage meter according to budget and federal regulations.

  • Facilitate conference calls to connect clientele with county agents from other counties or districts, and/or with state specialists.

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