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Warehouse & Facilities Assistant Excelsior EMC

Excelsior EMC


Statesboro, GA, USA


Warehouse & Facilities Assistant Excelsior EMC is seeking a highly qualified individual to serve as the Warehouse & Facilities Assistant. The individual selected for this position will assist with maintaining our warehouse and loading areas, specifically to keep all materials in the proper place, load/unload all incoming inventory, service and clean company vehicles, and assist Purchasing Agent with work order material charge tickets. Additionally, this individual will assist with maintaining the main office facilities and perform building maintenance tasks such pressure washing, changing out filters and lighting, and light custodial duties. Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent. Must be in good physical and mental health, with highest personal integrity. Outdoor work is required in a variety of weather conditions in addition to normal office working conditions. Occasional work outside of normal work hours will be required. Should be able to meet people easily, adjust rapidly to widely different groups, and present a good personal appearance. This individual must be skilled in communicating with people and be able to express him/herself well orally and in writing. Work habits should reflect regular attendance and punctuality and contribute to good morale and teamwork. Location: This position will be based out of Meter, Georgia. How to apply: An application can be found on the Excelsior EMC The completed application can be sent via email or be dropped off in a sealed envelope to the following: Atn: Human Resources Manager Excelsior EMC 986 SE Broad Street Meter, GA 30439 Deadline to apply-Friday, August 4th Excelsior EMC Excelsior Electric Membership Corporation is an equal opportunity provider and employer




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