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Sydney Dorsey, Youth Program


Sydney Dorsey enrolled in the WIOA Youth program because she needed assistance earning her High School Diploma so she could enroll in post-secondary education. She also wanted to gain work experience through the work experience segment of the Youth program. Sydney’s goal was to one day become a Master Cosmetologist, and one of her worksites was at Bangles Salon. Working in the salon allowed Sydney to see firsthand what a career in Cosmetology would be like. Sydney received her high school diploma and enrolled in the Cosmetology program at Southeastern Technical College. She worked hard and graduated from college in December 2022. 

Sydney had this to say about her time in the WIOA program. “Being in the WIOA program has been very beneficial to me. Receiving the transportation stipends has made it much easier to focus on school and not worry about how I would pay for gas to go back and forth.” 

We are very proud of Sydney and all her accomplishments.


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