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Shakira Oliver, Youth Program


Shakira Oliver is a 17-year-old senior at East Laurens High School.  Shakira was enrolled in the WIOA In School Youth Program in June 2023. Shakira’s goals were to gain work experience, graduate high school, and enroll in college.  During her time in the Youth Program, Shakira participated in Work Experience, completed modules, and received assistance with graduation fees. Shakira will graduate at the top of her class in May 2024.  We are so proud of Shakira’s hard work and determination to meet all the goals she has set for herself.  

Shakira had this to say about the WIOA Youth Program.  “Joining the WIOA Program marked a turning point in my career journey, one that’s been filled with invaluable lessons and support. Through the program, I’ve had the opportunity to not only enhance my skills but also grow personally.  From completing career modules to one-on-one sessions, the program provided tailored services that addressed my specific needs. This individualized approach gave me the confidence to tackle challenges head-on and navigate the job market effectively.  The support I received was essential to my success, whether it was refining my resume or securing job placements.  Looking back, I’m grateful for the transformative experience and the unwavering support of the WIOA Program, which has empowered me to realize my full potential and pursue my career aspirations with confidence.”

APRIL 2024

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