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Miracle Stanley, Youth Program


Miracle Stanley is a 22-year-old Out of School youth from Wayne County. She was a high school graduate working part-time while also raising her son when she was enrolled in the WIOA Youth Program. Miracle came to WIOA because she needed assistance to attend college. Since being in the program, Miracle has attended Occupational Skills Certification Training, participated in the Youth Work Experience Program, and completed her core classes at Coastal Pines Technical College, where she plans to begin the nursing program. Miracle is currently employed at Wayne Memorial Hospital. She is dedicated to helping others and has worked hard to reach her goals!

Miracle said, “For someone being a single mother and not really finding assistance with school, JTU put me on track. I learned that support is there for those of us that need it. Hopefully, I will begin the RN program in January, so hard work pays off.”


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