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Jeremiah Bridges, Youth Program


Jeremiah Bridges is an 18-year-old from Alamo, Georgia. He came to WIOA when he was in 10th grade in high school to seek help to find employment so that he could gain work experience. He was enrolled in the WIOA In-School Youth Program in January of 2020. Jeremiah’s goals were to complete high school and go on to college for Auto Mechanics. During his time in the Youth Program, Jeremiah participated in Work Experience and was placed at Selph’s Body Shop. He has been a positive young man and worked very hard to accomplish his goals! Jeremiah is now a 2022 graduate of Wheeler County High School. Jeremiah shared his appreciation for the WIOA Youth Program by saying, “The work experience program taught me how to do things and gave me the experience I needed in the real world to work a real job.”

JUNE 2022

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