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LPN Coordinator

Inovative Senior Solution


Baxley, GA, USA


At Innovative Senior Solutions, our purpose in life is to improve the lives of seniors. We believe that caring for seniors is a profound calling, shared by every nurse and team member on our staff. Our mission is to provide unwavering support to older and disabled adults, creating a nurturing and compassionate environment. It all begins with our dedicated team of nurse professionals who bring both personal and professional experience to their roles. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors and share our commitment to exceptional care, we invite you to join us in this meaningful journey.”

Department: Adult Day Health Services

Immediate Supervisor: Administrator

Position Summary:

Assists nursing supervisor in responsibility for client health services and required

administrative documentation . Performs any and all professional nursing duties as

determined by qualifications and training. When serving in Capacity of Coordinator and

at other times, the LPN is considered to be a supervisor and to be able to exercise

supervisory authority over nursing assistants.

Minimum Qualification Standards:

Education: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.

Certificate/Licenses: A current Georgia LPN license to practice nursing and render

services in accordance with the provisions of the Georgia Licensed Practical Nurses Act,


Work Experience: Two years experience in home health service or a related field,

experience with working with older populations preferred.

Current certification in CPR and First Aid.

Working knowledge of Rules and Regulations and Policies and Procedures for Private

Home Care Providers.

Ability to supervise personal care aides

Ability to communicate effectively

Freedom from illegal use of drugs, and freedom from use and effects of use of drugs and

alcohol in the workplace.


Issued: 4/07

Revised: 8/10

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 2

Persons who have been found guilty by a court of law of abusing, neglecting or

mistreating individuals in health care related setting are ineligible for employment in this


Performance Requirements:

Good physical and mental health. Must be well-g roomed, courteous, tactful, patient,

kind, and pleasant when dealing with clients.

Must have since desire to work with the aged and infirm. Must have acute sense of


Must be willing to perform non-professional duties. Must be able to supervise and

instruct others. Must be level-headed in emergency situations.

Caries out administrative and personal care duties as directed.

Abides by department policies and procedures and interprets them to personnel, client

and other staff and public.

Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for the rights, dignity and individuality of each

client in all interactions. Demonstrated competency in the protections and promotion of

client rights. Able to act as role model for agency staff.

Demonstrates satisfactory level of interpersonal skill to interact with agency

administration, community and government agencies, and agency staff.

Appreciates the importance of maintaining confidentiality of client and agency

information. Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times in the care and use of client

and agency property.

Demonstrates respect for co-workers and responds to needs of clients by complying with

agency policies on attendance, punctuality and dress code. Able to arrive and to begin

work on time. Reports to duty as scheduled on all shifts, weekends and holidays.

Working knowledge and ability to comply with agency policies and procedures for

workplace safety including infection control procedures and application of universal


Demonstrates ability to prioritize responsibilities and complete projects as delegated.

Able to carry out the essential functions of this job without posing specific, current risk of

substantial harm to health and safety of self and others.


Issued: 4/07

Revised: 8/10

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 3

Supervisory functions of the LPN Adult Day Health Services Include:

Writing progress notes at least monthly, if not completed by the Registered Nurse.

Assistance to the client in learning self-care.

Client Teaching.

Assistance with personal care/ADLs.

Range of motion exercises and ambulation assistance.

Administering and assisting with medications under the supervision of the RN.

Observing and reporting any member changes to the RN.

Assisting with therapeutic activities.


Essential Job Functions:

Gives and receives reports. Answers telephone inquires.

Assists with orientation, instructions, and supervision of other nursing personnel.

Evaluates client’s needs, condition and care and assists supervisor in developing care

plan for individual clients.

Admits and orient new client and relative. Reviews medical and social history. Assemble

client charts, check to see that all permits, authorizations and releases and other required

forms are attached.

Periodically reviews clients care plans with supervisor.

Requisitions supplies, equipment to meet client needs. Sees that equipment is in good

working order.

Maintain records. Performs charting duties. Prepares and updates necessary personnel

forms and materials, including performance evaluations and written disciplinary



Issued: 4/07

Revised: 8/10

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 4

Schedules appointments and arranges transportation for clients as needed.

Monitors the provision of care and services to clients and evaluates regulatory

compliance efforts, to review record and to interview staff members, clients, families and

other interested parties. Evaluate findings, and design, implement and evaluate actions to

continuously improve quality.

Participates as member of Quality Assessment and Assurance Committee with the


Audits clinical records for accuracy and completeness of assessments, effective

documentation reflecting client responses to interventions and consistent implementation

of plan of care by all staff and professional on all shifts. Incorporates information and

findings form chart audits in ongoing staff training efforts to improve documentation

skills of nursing staff.

Reviews Weekly report to ensure timely, effective responses to significant changes in

condition, transfers, discharges, injuries, potential abuse or neglect, medication errors,

loss of client property, and any evidence of client or family dissatisfaction. Keeps

Director of PCS/ADH informed of findings and results.

Maintains current skills and knowledge through continuing education. Applies

information to job responsibilities.

Performs any and all other duties as assigned.

Physical, Psychological and Ergonomic Requirements:

Successful performance of essential functions can best be achieved through consistent

application of current knowledge, use of good judgment, common sense, ability to

establish and carry out priorities, effective use of interpersonal skills and ongoing

communication with clients, staff, families, and government agencies, including state


This job cannot be performed without exposure to the stressed associated with an

intimate, 24hour client care environment that delivers care and services primarily to

disabled, cognitive impaired and elderly population. Examples of these stresses include,

but are not limited to: shift rotation, weekend and holiday duty, unusual or impaired

behavior by clients, family reactions to having a loved one requiring care and services,

death and dying, oversight of state surveyors, federal officials, and variable involvement

of medical staff.


Issued: 4/07

Revised: 8/10

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 5

Essential function area carried out in a variety of positions including standing and sitting.

To meet clients’ needs. Virtually all positions require the ability to move freely through

the clients’ environment and agency. Stooping, bending, lifting and carrying, as well as

other physical demands may be required as described in the Essential Physical Demands

of this position.

Essential Physical Demands of the Job:













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