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Personal Care Aide

Innovative Senior Solutions


Baxley, GA, USA


At Innovative Senior Solutions, our purpose in life is to improve the lives of seniors. We believe that caring for seniors is a profound calling, shared by every nurse and team member on our staff. Our mission is to provide unwavering support to older and disabled adults, creating a nurturing and compassionate environment. It all begins with our dedicated team of nurse professionals who bring both personal and professional experience to their roles. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors and share our commitment to exceptional care, we invite you to join us in this meaningful journey.”

Position: Personal Care Aide (PCA)

Department: Adult Day Health Services

Immediate Supervisor: Director of Adult Day Health Services/ Administrator

Position Summary:

The Personal Care Aides provides personal care tasks to clients consistent with each

client’s assessment and plan of care. All client care is provided in a manner that

maintains staff respect for member’s rights, choices, privacy, dignity, property and

protection from harm and exploitation.

Minimum Qualification Standards:

Ability to read and write, follow verbal and written instructions, and complete legible

written instructions, and complete legible written reports of care given.

Completion of one of the following training requirements:

▪ Documentation of nurse aide certification from the Georgia Department of

Human Resources, Office of Regulatory Services; or

▪ Successful completion of a competency examination for nurse aides or of a health

care or personal care credentialing program approved by the Office of Regulatory

Services, Private Home Care Providers Section, or

▪ A total of 40 hours of training. The aide receives at least 20 hours of this training

prior to caring for members. The aids completes an additional 20 hours of training

within the first six months of employment.

▪ Required training includes, but is not limited to:

• Safety and accident prevention; fire safety

• Budgeting/home economics

• Effective communication with older adults

• Caring for members with Alzheimer’s and other related disorders

• Observations skill; reporting and documentation procedures.


Issued: 4/07

Revised: 8/10

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 2

• The Provider RN supervises the 40 hours of training that is documented in

the aide’s personnel file. The agency’s training file includes information

about objectives, content, time spent per subject matter, instruction (s),

instructor’s credentials, and evaluation.

▪ A high school diploma or the equivalent.

▪ A caring an understanding attitude toward individuals who are elderly, disabled or


▪ Ability to be flexible and tolerant of varied lifestyles.

▪ Ability to work under supervision and within the guidelines of a care plan.

▪ Good Health.

▪ Current certification in CPR and First Aid.

▪ Work Experience: One or more years experience working with older populations

preferred and/or with adults in a health care or social service setting.

▪ Ability to safely transfer a client weighing 150 pounds.

▪ Ability to communicate effectively

▪ Freedom from illegal use of drugs, and freedom from use and effects of use of

drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

▪ Persons who have been found guilty by a court of law of abusing, neglecting or

mistreating individuals in health care related setting are ineligible for employment

in this position.

Performance Requirements:

Carries out all duties in accord with the agency mission and philosophy.

Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for the rights, dignity, and individuality of each

resident in all interactions.

Appreciates the importance of maintaining confidentiality of client and family


Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times in the care and use of client and agency


Able to understand and to follow written and verbal directions. Able to effectively

communicate with staff members and clients through verbal and/or written means.

Able to interact effectively with individuals who are cognitively and/or physically


Demonstrates respect for co-workers and responds to needs of clients by complying with

agency policies on attendance, punctuality and dress code. Able to arrive and to begin

work on time. Reports to duty as scheduled on all shifts, weekends and holidays.


Issued: 4/07

Revised: 8/10

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 3

Sufficient mobility and strength to move freely through the client’s environment, to

assure client safety at all times and to assist, transfer or otherwise move clients out of

danger in case of emergency.

Working knowledge and ability to comply with agency policies and procedures for

workplace safety including infection control procedures and application of universal


Demonstrates ability to prioritize responsibilities and complete projects as delegated.

Able to respond to change productively and to handle additional tasks/projects as


Demonstrates competence in performing all services required of a nurse aide including

providing personal care task and/or light housekeeping.

Able to recognize changes in client’s conditions as evidenced by physical symptoms,

verbal expression or observation of change in mental or psycho social status.

Able to carry out the essential functions of this job without posing specific, current risk of

substantial harm to health and safety of self and others.

Personal Care Aide Duties Adult Day Health Services Include:

• Assisting clients with personal care/ADLs.

• Assisting with activities.

• Assisting with toileting.

• Assisting with meal and snacks.

• Assisting with ambulation.

• Observing and reporting any changes in the client to the LPN/RN.

• Documentation as directed.

Essential Job Functions:

Provide direct care to clients to improve or maintain the client’s abilities according to the

client’s plan of care.

Provides care in a manner that protects and promotes client rights, dignity, self-

determination and active participation. Offer and respect client choices in matter of daily

routine. Refers to clients by proper names unless the client requests otherwise. Avoids

use of all pet names. Handles all client property with respect.


Issued: 4/07

Revised: 8/10

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 4

Observe and reports patterns of decreased social interactions, angry or sad behaviors and

refusals of treatment to ADH supervisor.

Assists with the planning, implementation and evaluation of plans of care for assigned

clients and reports information about conditions, responses to interventions and

suggestions for alternative approaches to the ADH supervisor.

Assists with preparation for state inspections as directed. Attends survey training and

interacts with state surveyors as directed by immediate supervisor.

Follows all agency policies and procedures including those related to infection control.

Records accurate, legible information about client care and condition in appropriate

sections of client’s records.

Communicates with ADH Supervisor about assigned client regularly.

Demonstrates competence in the use of proper body mechanics for both upper and lower

body. Safely and correctly uses equipment such as gait belts and mechanical lifting

equipment for lifting, pulling and turning clients as indicated.

Attends 16 hours of in-service training per calendar year. The provider provides the PCA

with the following in-services on a yearly basis:

▪ Basic First Aid

▪ Infection Control

▪ Body Mechanics

▪ Nutrition


Participates as member of Quality Assessment and Assurance Committee with the

Administrator and at Director of ADH.

Physical, Psychological and Ergonomic Requirements:

Successful performance of essential functions can best be achieved through consistent

application of current knowledge, use of good judgment, common sense, ability to

establish and carry out priorities, effective use of interpersonal skills and ongoing

communication with clients, staff, families, and government agencies, including state


This job cannot be performed without exposure to the stressed associated with an

intimate, 24hour client care environment that delivers care and services primarily to

disabled, cognitive impaired and elderly population. Examples of these stresses include,


Issued: 4/07

Revised: 8/10

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 5

but are not limited to: shift rotation, weekend and holiday duty, unusual or impaired

behavior by clients, family reactions to having a loved one requiring care and services,

death and dying, oversight of state surveyors, federal officials, and variable involvement

of medical staff.

Essential function area carried out in a variety of positions including standing and sitting.

To meet clients’ needs. Virtually all positions require the ability to move freely through

the clients’ environment and agency. Stooping, bending, lifting and carrying, as well as

other physical demands may be required as described in the Essential Physical Demands

of this position.

Essential Physical Demands of the Job:










Other Environmental Hazards:

How to apply:




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