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Bus Driver's

Dodge County Board of Education


Eastman, GA, USA


Physically fit and able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds

  1. Possession of a Commercial Driver's License with appropriate endorsements for driving school buses

  2. Any alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable

REPORTS TO: Transportation Supervisor

JOB GOAL: To provide safe and effective transportation so that students may enjoy the fullest possible advantage from the district's curricular and extracurricular program


  1. Obeys all traffic

  2. Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school

  3. Maintains discipline when students are on

  4. Reports undisciplined students to the proper

  5. Keeps assigned bus

  6. Keeps assigned

  7. Checks bus before each operation for mechanical

  8. Notifies proper authority in case of mechanical failure or

  9. Discharges students only at authorized

  10. Exercises responsible leadership when on school

  11. Transports only authorized students and

  12. Reports all accidents and completes required

  13. Maintains professional and courteous relationships with all school

  14. Performs other tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position as assigned by the transportation supervisor or

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Instructional Days and/or As Needed for Extracurricular Routes Work hours: As determined by assigned routes

EVALUATION: Performance ofthisjob will be evaluated annually by the Transportation Supervisor in accordance with the Board's policy.

Must Complete a background check before being approved.

How to Apply at Dodge County of education office or online at Deadline to Apply: Unless Specified, Until Filled

For Futher Information, Contact: Misty Selph - 478-374-3783

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer




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