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High School Special education Teacher

Dodge County Board of Education


Eastman, GA, USA


Position Title: Classroom Teacher

Qualifications:Valid Georgia professional certification in the assigned teaching field

Reports to:Building Principal and/or other authorized administrators

Teaching Tasks:

  1. Provides Instruction

    1. Teaches at an appropriate instructional level

    2. Provides content development

      1. Provides teacher-focused content development

      2. Provides student-focused content development

    3. Builds for transfer

      1. Provides initial focus

      2. Provides content emphasis and linking

      3. Provides lesson summaries

    4. Differentiates instruction to meet the needs of all

    5. Implements learning tasks that link to real world

    6. Meets Georgia Teacher Keys Evaluation System (TKES) at proficient or

  2. Assesses and Encourages Student Progress

    1. Promotes student engagement

    2. Monitors student progress

    3. Responds to student performance

      1. Responds to adequate performances

      2. Responds to inadequate performances

    4. Supports students

  • Manages the Learning Environment

  1. Uses time efficiently

    1. Handles non-instructional tasks efficiently

    2. Uses instructional time appropriately

  2. Maintains effective physical setting for instruction

Job Description (continued)

  1. Maintains appropriate student behavior in the classroom

    1. Monitors behavior

    2. Intervenes when necessary

General Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Teacher Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Follows professional practices consistent with school and system policies in working with students, students' records, parents, and colleagues.

      1. Interacts in a professional manner with students and parents

      2. Is available to students and parents for conferences according to system policies

      3. Facilitates home-school communication by such means as holding conferences, telephoning, and sending written communications

      4. Maintains confidentiality for school administrators, special support personnel, colleagues, and parents

      5. Models correct use of language, oral and written

      6. Demonstrates accurate and up-to-date knowledge of content

      7. Assigns reasonable tasks and homework to students

    2. Complies with school, system, and state administrative regulations and board of education policies

      1. Conducts assigned classes at the times scheduled

      2. Enforces regulations concerning student conduct and discipline

      3. Is punctual

      4. Maintains lesson plans as required by school policy

      5. Provides adequate information, plans, and materials for substitute teacher

      6. Implements designated curriculum

      7. Maintains accurate, complete, and appropriate records and files reports promptly

      8. Attends and participates in faculty meetings and other assigned meetings and activities according to school policy

      9. Complies with conditions as stated in contractHow to Apply at Dodge County of education office or online at Deadline to Apply: Unless Specified, Until Filled

For Futher Information, Contact: Misty Selph - 478-374-3783

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