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Commander Jail Division

Long County Jail

Ludowici, GA, USA


Long County, Georgia Commander Jail Division Responsibilities: Provide overall direction to assigned employees through the supervision of Detention Officers and personnel assigned to the Detention Center Division; performance of related personnel administration functions; controlling resources, management of facilities and performance of budget preparation; supervision of employee compliance with Long County Sheriffs Office General Orders; performance of inter-agency coordination with other Law Enforcement and civilian agencies; and advisor to the Sheriff and Chief Deputy on all matters of Long County Sheriffs Office operations and effectiveness. Performs all essential duties and meets all requirements of the Deputy Sheriff. Shall instill high standards of ethics, morale, and confidence through exemplary leadership and shall create a climate and environment within his/her Division for employees to unlock and fulfill the growth and development of his/her employees. Shall be proactive, innovative, and shall be creative in problem-solving and in implementing solutions to problems that may arise within his/her Division and the Long County Sheriff's Office. PREFERRED: PREVIOUS JAIL EXPERIENCE If interested, please contact: Julie Wells at the Long County Sheriff's Office at 912-545-2118 or via email: by September 30, 2023.


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