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Executive Director

Wayne County Family Connection


Jesup, GA, USA


The Executive Committee of Wayne County Family Connection, a county collaborative organization that is working together to improve conditions for children, families, and the community in Wayne County, GA, is seeking an individual to provide administration, operations, planning, facilitation, and coordination services for the partners participating in this work.

Candidates must have excellent communication and writing skills and be able to assist with the development of the collaborative strategic and annual plans, including developing a data profile of the county, prepare written narratives and presentations based on these data. They must be able to staff and facilitate collaborative meetings and teams, as well as engage in public speaking events, public relations events, and attend many local meetings for the collaborative.

Applicants must be able to prepare required reports, including those related to the budget expenditures both for the state grant and the non-profit account, report on the progress of the annual plan, assist the collaborative in organizing and executing the annual evaluation plan, and must maintain all records for the collaborative. The applicant must be able to work effectively with a diverse range of individuals as well as participants from public and private agencies service providers, local business, law enforcement, industries, families and local representatives, to support the work of these partners in their planning, plan implementation, and plan follow up.

Applicant must be skilled with Microsoft programs to include Word, Excel, and Power Point. Candidate must be comfortable with computer use. The candidate must be willing to travel a moderate amount in state and participate in required state-level job related training. The candidate will be an Independent Contractor of Wayne County Family Connection understanding that the Wayne County Board of Education is the Fiscal Agent. Candidate is responsible entirely for tax withholdings. As an Independent Contractor candidate must be a self-starter, self-disciplined, and well organized. There will be a three month probationary period. Compensation for services rendered is commensurate up to $44,500.00 annually. Candidate must live in Wayne County.

Submit cover letter, resume and 3 references by midnight, September 27, 2023 to:Wayne County Family ConnectionP.O. Box 1052Jesup, GA 31598




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