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Kayla Carter, ITA Program


Kayla Carter of Appling County was in the Nursing Program at Southeastern Technical College when she was laid off and needed additional financial assistance to help cover her school costs.  Kayla applied for and enrolled in the WIOA ITA program in November of 2022.  WIOA provided her with transportation stipends, daycare assistance, and helped cover the cost of tuition, fees, uniforms, and supplies.  Kayla earned her Associate of Science degree in Nursing and accepted a full-time RN position at Jeff Davis Hospital. 

Kayla shared, “I heard about WIOA from a friend who was in the nursing program with me.  He told me how helpful they were, and I was signed up three weeks later.  As a mom with two small kids, it was very helpful to have WIOA to help pay for my tuition and reimburse me for things such as scrubs, shoes, stethoscopes, etc.  I was able to graduate thanks to the help I received from WIOA.”


JUNE 2024

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