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Briana Reyes, ITA Program


Briana Reyes was enrolled in the WIOA ITA program in February 2021. She was determined eligible as a Dislocated Worker under the National Dislocated Worker COVID-19 Grant. She was attending Middle Georgia State University pursuing a degree in Nursing. Briana needed financial assistance with the costs of the program. WIOA helped cover the expense of tuition, books, supplies, testing fees, and transportation. Briana attended school full time and graduated in December 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

When asked about WIOA Briana replied, “I am so grateful for being accepted in the WIOA program. I received help with the cost of tuition, school supplies, and textbooks. The transportation money I received allowed me to pay for gas commuting back and forth to class and clinicals each week. They also helped me pay for my cap and gown for graduation and provided reimbursement for the cost of taking the NCLEX. Without the help of WIOA I would have had to take out several student loans. I hope WIOA continues and can help other students like me achieve their goal of earning a degree without worrying about financial assistance.”


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