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Dylan Wynter, ITA Program


Dylan Wynter was enrolled in the WIOA ITA program in October 2022.  He was attending Middle Georgia State University’s Aviation Maintenance Tech Program.  He was unemployed and actively looking for work but had been unsuccessful.  Dylan needed additional assistance fulfilling the financial burden of continuing with his college career.  WIOA helped cover the cost of tuition, books, fees, testing, uniforms, and transportation. Dylan graduated with honors and was a Dean’s List Scholar.  After graduation, he passed all the required testing to earn his license as an Aviation Maintenance Technician.  Dylan has recently accepted a job with Delta, and we are so proud of all his achievements.  

Dylan had this to say about being in the WIOA Program.  “Throughout my studies, WIOA assisted me with the funds to help with tuition, books, and much more during unemployment times.  Without WIOA, I wouldn’t have been able to receive my A&P license in such a quick manner.”

APRIL 2024

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