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Johnny Collins, Youth Program


Johnny Collins Jr. is an In School youth from Candler County. Johnny was enrolled in the WIOA Youth program in November 2019. He was in the 11th grade and needed assistance to improve his grades to be on track to graduate and find employment. Johnny worked hard to bring up his grades and was also a member of the Metter High School Basketball team. During his time in the program Johnny completed occupational skills training and participated in the Youth Work Experience Program. While working at the Metter Boys and Girls Club, Johnny had the opportunity to mentor elementary age children and connect with them through his experience as a high school athlete. He was a wonderful asset to their program and his community. At the end of his junior year, the world was turned upside down by the COVID crisis and he had to complete his school year virtually. Johnny worked very hard during this time and passed all his classes. Johnny has since graduated high school and is now employed full-time at Chicken of the Sea. We are very proud of Johnny and his accomplishments.

Johnny had this to say about his experience with WIOA. “I have learned how to manage my money in a way that will help me with my future. I took away so much from the program. It was a great experience. Thank you for this opportunity.”

APRIL 2022

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