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Megan Williams, Youth Program


Megan Williams is a 20-year-old participant in the youth program from Dodge County. Megan came to JTU as a single mom, and she was a high school dropout who needed assistance with obtaining her GED and enrolling in college. With the transportation assistance she received from WIOA, she was able to pay for the expense of driving back and forth to classes, and she also received help paying for the cost of her GED exam. Megan received her GED in just four months and is now in her second semester of college at Oconee Fall Line Technical College. She is on track to receive her cosmetology degree. Megan has overcome many obstacles to accomplish so much, and we are very proud of her!

Megan says, “When I got pregnant with my daughter, I finally decided to go back and get my GED and further my education. I was introduced to this amazing program that helped me every step of the way! They helped me with the cost of gas going to school, my test, and supplies! My life has changed completely since then. I feel like I have a purpose again and that I’m going somewhere in life now! I’m so proud of myself and grateful for the amazing opportunity they gave me to do all of this and for giving me a second chance!”


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