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John Moore Jr., OJT Program


John Moore Jr., from Dodge County, was laid off from Husqvarna in 2019 due to a facility closure. John came to WIOA in need of financial assistance to attend college because he was interested in the Welding Program. With the help of WIOA, John was able to attend Oconee Fall Line Technical College. Despite the difficulties that arose due to the COVID pandemic, John maintained a good GPA and completed the Welding Program in May 2021. After earning his degree from OFTC, John was placed in employment with Dinex Emissions, Inc. through WIOA on-the-Job Training. John completed over 400 hours of training and is now employed full-time at Dinex Emissions, Inc. John was a pleasure to work with and had this to say about WIOA, "The WIOA Program has helped me tremendously. If it were not for the assistance, I would not have been able to complete this program."


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