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Brianna Snead, ITA Program


Brianna Snead was attending Oconee Fall Line Technical College's Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Program when she enrolled in the WIOA program. She is a single mom and was employed part-time as a CNA. With the lack of income, the financial burden of completing the LPN program was overwhelming. Brianna needed WIOA assistance to help with tuition, fees, uniforms, and the daily transportation stipend to continue attending school. Brianna recently completed the LPN program as an Honor Graduate, she passed all her state board exams, and was offered a full-time position at Houston Medical Center as an LPN. We are so proud of Brianna for being persistent and reaching her goals.

Brianna shared her experience by saying, "WIOA has been very helpful with everything. Their assistance lightened the load so I could care for my young daughter and still pursue my career. I am so thankful for this program and all they have done for me."


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