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Natalie Willis, Youth Program


Natalie Willis, a native of Evans County, was enrolled in the WIOA Out-of-School Youth program in 2020 after graduating high school. Natalie needed assistance to attend college and find employment that would work around her school schedule. She was interested in the Surgical Tech program at Ogeechee Technical College. With the help and support of WIOA, Natalie enrolled in classes at OTC and began her journey through post-secondary education. While attending school full-time, Natalie also participated in the WIOA Youth Work Experience Program, which helped her earn money to pay for her college expenses. In 2021, Ogeechee Technical College removed the Surgical Tech program from the school’s curriculum. Natalie was faced with the difficulty of deciding whether to transfer to another school or choose a new career path. After counseling in conjunction with her WIOA case manager and her OTC advisor, Natalie decided to continue her education at Ogeechee Technical College and applied to the Dental Hygiene Program. After she finished her internship with Reidsville Family Dentistry and East Georgia Oral Surgery, Natalie completed the Dental Hygiene Program in July of 2022. Natalie has worked very hard to achieve her goals and because of her dedication, Natalie was offered a full-time position at East Georgia Oral Surgery after graduation! We share our congratulations on her educational and career accomplishments!

Natalie has been very appreciative of the assistance she received from WIOA, “Through being on the WIOA Program I have learned how to be prepared for work and school, and to work hard. With the money I earned, I was able to pay for my living expenses so that I could attend school. I wouldn’t have been able to finish college if it wasn’t for the help from WIOA and my Case Manager.”


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