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Brianna Clifton Hall, Youth Program


Brianna Clifton Hall is a 21-year-old Out of School Youth from Johnson County, Georgia

who was enrolled in WIOA in November 2019. She had recently earned her GED and wanted to

gain work experience and needed assistance enrolling in college. She decided to attend

Southeastern Technical College with the hopes of earning a degree in Business Healthcare

Technology. During her time in WIOA, she participated in the Work Experience Program and

Occupational Skills Training. While attending college, she received transportation stipends and

financial assistance with books and supplies. In May 2024, she graduated with her degree in

Business Healthcare Technology.

Brianna had this to say about her time in the WIOA Program. “WIOA helped me purchase

school materials and to have gas money for transportation to my classes. My case manager was

always just one phone call away.”

MAY 2024

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