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Adriel Aaron, Youth Program


Adriel Aaron, who is 19 years old from Laurens County, has been in WIOA for about two years. During that time, she has attended Occupational Skills Training, Adult Education Courses, and participated in Youth Work Experience. Coming from a single parent home, it was difficult for Adriel to get back and forth to school without having a job. With the help of WIOA, Adriel was able to attend classes regularly and received her GED. Adriel has now enrolled in classes at Oconee Fall Line Technical College and is pursuing her degree in Criminal Justice. She has now completed her 2nd semester and maintains good grades while also participating in the Work-Study Program. Adriel has come a long way, and we are so proud of the work she has put into being successful!

This is what Adriel had to say about her time in the WIOA Youth Program, “Because of WIOA, I am able to provide for myself and get to school without having to worry about gas. I was able to focus on school, and it has also helped me with job experience.”


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