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Bridgette Graham Edge, ITA Program


Bridgette Graham Edge was enrolled in the WIOA ITA Program in February 2021. She was attending  Coastal Georgia Technical College pursuing a degree in Nursing. She had recently lost her job  and needed financial assistance with the program's costs. WIOA helped cover the expense of  tuition, books, supplies, testing fees, and transportation. Bridgette completed the LPN program  with a 3.26 GPA and graduated in December 2022. 

Bridgette had this to say about her time in the WIOA program. "WIOA has helped me so much  with the expense of attending school. The stipends for transportation helped out a lot with the  cost of traveling back and forth to school and clinicals. I am so thankful for WIOA. Without the  help WIOA provided, I would not have been able to afford to complete school."  


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