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Pamela Bradshaw, ITA Program


Pamela Bradshaw, a resident of Telfair County, was an employee of Husqvarna when the company closed in 2019. While attending one of the Rapid Response meetings, she learned about the opportunities provided through the WIOA Individual Training Accounts (ITA) program. At that time, Pamela decided to attend Oconee Fall Line Technical College for Business Management. She was enrolled in the WIOA ITA program on December 10, 2019. During her participation in the WIOA program, Pamela received supportive service payments that enabled her to attend training. She successfully completed the program with a 3.90 GPA and earned an Associates Degree in Business Management. After completing training, Pamala has obtained a full-time position with Warner Robins AFB.

Pamela had this to say about the WIOA program: “When my employer of almost 30 years closed, I felt as though my world had turned upside down, and I did not know what direction to go. WIOA provided me the opportunity to better myself. I have been able to go back into the workforce with pride and newly acquired skills and knowledge. I would not have been able to accomplish this goal without the help and support of WIOA and their wonderful staff."

MAY 2022

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