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Madison Harris, ITA Program


Madison Harris enrolled in the WIOA program in January 2023. She was working part-time while attending Coastal Pines Technical College full-time in the Radiologic Technology Program. She needed additional assistance fulfilling the financial burden of attending college. WIOA covered the cost of testing, uniforms, fees, and transportation. Madison worked diligently and earned her Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology.

Madison had this to say about her time in the WIOA program. “I heard about the WIOA program from one of my instructors at school, and the program has helped me tremendously. I live in Lumber City, Georgia, and was driving an hour one way, five days a week, to either class or clinicals. Driving this much made it very difficult money-wise having to put so much gas in my car. If it hadn’t been for the WIOA program, I would have definitely struggled way more and may have possibly not been able to finish attending school. The help I received paying for gas, uniforms, school fees, and testing was a huge part of how I was able to complete school and earn my degree.”


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