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Tamara Burgess, Youth Program


Tamara Burgess is a 19-year-old graduate from Treutlen County. Tamara enrolled in the WIOA In-School Youth Program in November 2019 as a Junior in high school. She needed assistance to be able to graduate. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tamara’s school transitioned to virtual learning during the final months of her junior year. Like many other students in this situation, Tamara was unable to complete her required credits to be promoted to the 12th grade for the following school year. When the new school year began, Tamara’s WIOA youth case manager and teachers worked with Tamara to develop a plan for her to complete her junior credits and get back on track to graduate. Tamara worked very hard and passed all her classes! She was promoted to the 12th grade and returned to in-person instruction for her senior year. Tamara completed her senior year and graduated high school in May 2022. We are very proud of Tamara for continuing to pursue her educational goals and working hard to overcome the obstacles she faced! Tamara described her experience with WIOA by saying, “The youth program has helped me a lot this year, and I just want to say Thank You! I appreciate all the help!”

JUNE 2022

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