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Miahyah Green, Youth Program


Miahyah Green is an 18-year-old In School Youth from Jesup, GA. She came to WIOA in 2019 in need of assistance to find a job. At that time, she was in the 10 th grade at Wayne County High School. Miahyah was interested in working with children but had never had a job before. Through the Youth Work Experience (WEX) program, which works with local employers to place youth in temporary employment, Miahyah was able to work at the Wayne County Boys and Girls Club. Because she did such a great job during her WEX participation, the Boys and Girls Club hired her when the WEX ended. Since then, Miahyah has continued to work there as a permanent employee and has now graduated from high school. She plans to continue working with children and hopes to open her own dance studio one day!

Miahyah described her experience with the WIOA Youth Program by saying, “I wished to work with children and WIOA blessed that wish in October 2020. This service helped me by earning a permanent spot with the Boys and Girls Club within a year. I couldn’t thank WIOA enough for what they did for me.”

JULY 2022

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