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Casyn Clements, Youth Program


Casyn Clements is a 17-year-old In School youth from Wheeler County. Casyn was enrolled in the WIOA Youth Program in February of his junior year in high school. He needed assistance to find employment and graduate high school. His goal was to attend college after graduation. While enrolled in the program, Casyn has participated in the Youth Work Experience Program, which has led to him being employed on his own. He just graduated from Wheeler County High School in May and has been accepted to Southeastern Technical College. He will be attending college for Radiologic Technology this fall.

Casyn’s experience, in his own words, “I have learned a lot while working under the program. I have built my people skills. I have worked with new people and learned how to work around conflict in the workplace. I have learned to manage money and how to make it last.”

JUNE 2021

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