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Transportation Driver

Innovative Senior Solutions


Baxley, GA, USA


At Innovative Senior Solutions, our purpose in life is to improve the lives of seniors. We believe that caring for seniors is a profound calling, shared by every nurse and team member on our staff. Our mission is to provide unwavering support to older and disabled adults, creating a nurturing and compassionate environment. It all begins with our dedicated team of nurse professionals who bring both personal and professional experience to their roles. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors and share our commitment to exceptional care, we invite you to join us in this meaningful journey.”

Position Summary: Our company provides non-emergency medical transportation to Seniors and

individuals with disabilities. The Transportation Driver is responsible for providing safe transit for

clients to and from Adult Day Centers, Personal Care Homes, Hospitals, Long-term care facilities,

Dialysis centers, Rehabilitation centers, Medical offices, and their private home. The Transportation

Drivers should demonstrate company core values: integrity, honestly, reliable, professional, and caring at

all times. It is vital that Transportation Drivers be comfortable working with disabled, elderly and clients

from diverse backgrounds. It is preferred that Drivers are familiar with the service areas.

Drivers are expected to drive a wheelchair lift van. This is a specially equipped full-sized van that has a

hydraulic automatic/manual lift for raising patients in wheelchairs to the van. This is a specially

equipped full-sized van that has a hydraulic automatic/manual lift for raising patients in wheelchairs into

the van. The floor of the van is outfitted with special seatbelts and straps attached to the floor. These

straps are used to secure the wheelchair during transportation.

Some clients that we transport have a wheelchair ramp at their home, but lifting people in their

wheelchairs up or down stairs at the house’s door may be necessary. If you have any type of back

problems, this is not the right job for you.

Due to the unique nature of our type of business, there may be some time during the workday when you

are not working (i.e. down time). Drivers will not be paid for this time. Down time is when there are

thirty (30) or more minutes between scheduled trip(s). Down time may occur when a driver is idle,

waiting to pick up riders from appointments, and/or there are no scheduled trips. During down time, the

Driver may return to the Adult Day Center to until the next trip begins. As trips become available,

Drivers will be dispatched as needed.

Drivers are expected to keep in contact with Supervisor/Dispatcher by using a cell phone. It is the

responsibility of the Drivers to let dispatch know when they are picking up or dropping off clients.

Drivers are given schedules for the following day before close on the previous day. Drivers are

responsible for getting directions for the following day’s pickups. We provide mapbooks or digital

navigation system for our Drivers so that they may look up directions for their scheduled runs, and we

have computerized mapping programs that our office personnel can use to give you directions when


Promptness and safety are essential for Drivers at our company. Drivers are responsible for leaving

ample time to arrive at pickups. If for any reason a pickup can’t be made at the scheduled time, Drivers

are responsible for notifying dispatch in advance.

Screening will be done before and during the hiring process. Periodic screening may take place during

the course of the year at the discretion of the Company. Any results which are deemed to put clients or

the company at risk will result in the immediate ineligibility and/or termination of the employee

application and/or employment.


Issued: 1/16

Revised: 4/16, 5/18

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 2


• Current Georgia driver’s license

• Satisfactory driving record

• Satisfactory criminal background record

• Must pass mandatory and random drug testing

• Current CPR and First Aide Certification

• Complete all required training (PASS, Defensive Driving, Client Sensitivity, and Hands on

Wheelchair Securement). In addition, Drivers will be required to complete quarterly in-service


• Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds.


• Clock in and Clock Out

• Pick up and delivery standards

• Transport clients

• Vehicle inspection

• Fueling

• Accidents/Incidents

• Trip documentation

• Attendance

• Uniform

• Referrals


Clock in and Clock Out

• Drivers must clock in and out at the beginning and end of each shift. Clock in cannot be completed

more than 10 minutes before scheduled shift.

• Drivers are required to clock out if there are thirty (30) or more minutes between scheduled trips.

Drivers are not compensated for down time.

• After a period of down time, drivers are to clock in at the beginning of the next scheduled trip(s).

Pick Up and Delivery General Standards

• Drivers will ensure that all pick-ups are on time. “On time” means at the scheduled pick up location

on time or up to fifteen minutes after that time. Drivers may arrive ten minutes prior to scheduled

time as long as clients are not required to board the vehicle before scheduled pick up time. A late pick

up must immediately be reported to supervisor and contact must be made with client to inform of

expected arrival time.

• Upon arriving to the client pick up, the Driver shall make his presence known and wait at least ten

(10) minutes after scheduled pick up time before client is considered a “no show”.


Issued: 1/16

Revised: 4/16, 5/18

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 3

• If client is “no show”, the Driver must call ModivCare while at the client’s pick up location.

• Medical Appointment: When delivering the client to the drop off location, the Driver is to assist

client out of the vehicle, in to the medical facility reception area, and provide medical facility with a

contact card containing the Dispatcher’s contact information. The Driver is to inform the receptionist to

contact the Transportation Dispatcher when the client is ready to be picked up.

Transporting Clients

Drivers will pick up and drop off clients at designated time and locations; routes will be provided by

Supervisor or Dispatcher. Clients that require assistance loading and unloading vehicle, including

wheelchair and stretcher, will be assisted by Driver. Drivers are to assist clients to the front door of

personal homes and inside physician/medical offices. When delivering clients to their personal home,

Drivers are not to leave clients unattended. If there is not a family member at the client home, the Driver

is to call their Supervisor before leaving the client’s home.

At all times, the Driver is to obey traffic laws and state and federal transit regulations. All trips will be

conducted in a manner that is ensures safety for clients and other drivers on the road. Report accidents or

other traffic disruptions to a supervisor, and follow directions when using an alternate route. Drivers will

follow routes provided to transport non-emergency clients including wheelchairs to desired destinations.

Refer to Transportation Arrival-Departure Procedure (T.104)

Vehicle Inspection

• Drivers must complete vehicle inspection and inspection report daily prior to each trip.

Transportation Vehicle Daily Inspection T.106

• Inspection logs are to be turned in each Friday evening after the last route to the designated area at the

respective Adult Day Health Center.

• If the Driver discovers a malfunction in the vehicle operation or an item that is not compliant with the

inspection report, the Driver is to immediately notify the Director of Transportation for further

instruction before operating the vehicle.


Refer to Transportation Fueling Policy (T.109) and Transportation Fueling Log (T.109.A)

Accidents and Incidents

• All accidents/incidents must be immediately reported to the Supervisor.

• Refer to Transportation Accident/Incident Reporting (T.105) and Transportation

Accident/Incident Form (T.105.A)

• If a Driver has three (3) “driving occurrences”, defined as a preventable accident or a traffic

violation, termination may result due to Driver being unable to demonstrate safely performing

transportation driving duties or if the Driver is deemed ineligible to transport by the Non-

Emergency Contractor due to driving record/ occurrences.

Towing Procedure

In the event that the transportation vehicle needs to be towed refer to the Transportation Towing

Procedure: policy T.105.


Issued: 1/16

Revised: 4/16, 5/18

© 2007 Innovative Senior Solutions 4

Quarterly Training

• Drivers are required to complete ongoing in-service education throughout the year.


Attendance and punctuality are essential for the company success. Absenteeism and tardiness affect

coworker’s productivity and competitiveness. We are all dependent upon each other for employment

success and customer satisfaction. Every employee is expected to attend work as scheduled, with

punctuality. Unsatisfactory attendance will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including


• Drivers must adhere to Attendance & Absenteeism Policy A.108


• Drivers should always appear neat, clean, and professional.

• The uniform must be worn in its’ entirety while on duty.

• The uniform includes: white button-down shirt, khaki pants, name badge, and coat (when


• The Driver is to return worn uniforms in a bag to the respective Adult Day Centers to be collected for

cleaning and will pick up a clean set of uniforms (*only applies for uniform rental).

o Albany and Americus Drivers: Turn in uniforms Friday

o Cordele Drivers: Monday


• The Driver is responsible for updating the following documents annually:

o Drug Screen

o Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)—must provide previous seven (7) year driving history

o Sex Offender Registry


• All employees are required to make at least 3 client referrals to agency services in a calendar year.

• Referrals can be made by completing Referral Form and submitting the Corporate Office or providing

the Administrative Assistant with the referrals name and contact phone number.




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