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     Individual Training Accounts (ITA) allow individuals to receive training from eligible training providers such as local Technical Colleges. WIOA funds may pay for the remaining balance of tuition and books after the HOPE and PELL grants is exhausted. If the customer is not eligible for HOPE and PELL, WIOA may pay for tuition and books.  WIOA also assists with many program required supplies such as uniforms/scrubs, tools and equipment, and also testing or licensing fees.


     ITA customers may also receive support payments for transportation and child care.  ITA customers must maintain a full-time class schedule and a GPA of at least 2.5.  No customer is allowed to “sit out” a semester.


     A Service Specialist is assigned to work with the school and the customer, and will assist in explaining and completing all the necessary paperwork. The Service Specialist is there to assist both the College and the ITA customer, should any problems arise.

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