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The year-round youth program is designed to better equip youth with the ability to obtain and maintain employment. The youth program provides services to In-school and Out-of-school youth ages 14-24. Case Managers are responsible for selecting youth, counseling youth, overseeing their academics, setting goals, and working toward a successful career. The Case Managers also work closely with schools, colleges, technical colleges, community agencies and employers. 


Case Managers assist the youth with learning time management, communication skills, business etiquette and proper work ethics. In-school youth are encouraged to remain in school and are provided with tutoring if needed to complete high school and obtain their high school diploma or it's equivalent. Out-of-school youth receive supportive service payments for transportation while attending an educational program to attend and complete training in order to obtain an occupational skills certification or credential. Youth may also be eligible to earn money through work experience.


The youth program guides youth to ensure they complete an educational program, gain work-related skills and enter college or become successfully employed.

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