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On-the-Job Training (OJT) allows our customers to work, earning a full paycheck from their employer while entering the job without all of the specific skills and/or knowledge needed to do the work.  WIOA funds reimburse the employers up to 50% for customers’ wages to compensate the employer for the time and extraordinary effort it takes to train the unskilled worker to do the job. 


After completion of a detailed training plan, if the employee has successfully completed training and learned the skills needed, the employer retains the “OJT” worker and the subsidy ends.  This allows the worker to earn a paycheck while learning new skills and provides the employer with an employee trained “their way” while being compensated for the time it takes to train the new employee.  The employer is asked to monitor the employee’s progress and complete an evaluation at the end of the training. 


A Service Specialist is assigned to work with the employer and the customer, and will assist in explaining and completing all the necessary paperwork.  The Service Specialist is there to assist both the employer and the OJT customer, should any problems arise. 

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