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Claxton Poultry


Claxton, GA, USA


Now Hiring Claxton Poultry is one of the leading egg-to-market poultry producers in the country. We offer great pay and benefits for Full-Time employees. COMPENSATION * Pay $11/hr to $15/hr depending on position * Bonuses: Attendance/Anniversary/Birthday/Recruitment * Paid Vacation We also have automatic yearly raises. BENEFITS Employees are now eligible to sign up at time of hire * Excellent Medical/Dental/Vision - Employee coverage less than $22 per week * Company Paid Life Insurance Policy * On-Site Health and Wellness Clinic * 401(k) Retirement with Company Match FULL-TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE * Live Hanger * Equipment Operators * Line Workers * QA/Food Techs * Maintenance * Refrigeration * Mechanical * Technicians * CDL Drivers Part-time available with flexible hours. $10.00 Day shift, $10.50 Afternoon shift. You pick your start time, a maximum of 29 hours. We are looking for conscientious employees who are willing to work. APPLY IN PERSON Monday or Wednesday, 7:30-10:30 am


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