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Shipping Supervisor

Snshine Mills


Dublin, GA, USA


Summary: Shipping supervisor is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the shipping department loaders and yard dog drivers.


  1. Coordinate loading schedules with customers and schedule loads according to inventory availability, as well as the needs of the customers.

  2. Ensure that all employees on your shift are following all SQF,GMP, HACCP, SOP and safety guidelines

  3. Complete and update shipping summary properly.

  4. Assign loads toaders at the beginning of each shift to ensure that all loading needs for that shift are mwt.

  5. Ensure all loads are loaded correctly and on clean, acceptable trailers.

  6. Keep a tonnage report based on each loader's total pounds per day.

  7. Ensure all paperwork from each load is filled correctly so that it is easily referrenced

  8. Print bills for loads as they are picked up.

  9. Check the warehouse periodically, as well as the end of the shift, for cleanliness.

  10. Coordinate with the production department for the inventory needs on a daily basis.

  11. Keep a daily list of all loaded and empty trailers.

  12. Make sure loaders are using FIFO when loading product

  13. Be and active member for the Food Defense Team, Internal Auditing Team, HACCP Team Manager Committment Team

This Job Description is a guide and is not intendent to be an exhaustive list of duties.

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2006 Waldrep Industrial Blvd., Dublin




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