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Executive Director

Action Pact/Head Start


Waycross, GA, USA


Executive Director

Full TimeWaycross, GA, USYesterdayRequisition ID: 1937Apply

Salary Range:$115,440.00 To 130,611.00 Annually

Action pact is a community action agency deeply rooted in the promise of improving lives and communities. For over 50 years, we have worked alongside local partners and have become integral to the progress of the individuals and families in the communities we serve. Join up with action pact, an agency that was built on the promise that every family should have an opportunity for success.Knowledge:       Thorough understanding of Agency operations and programs, data analysis, problem-solving, and   leadership development Leadership:       Serves as a member of the Agency’s Executive Leadership Team Language:         EnglishGuidelines:        Agency policies and procedures, Federal, State, and Local regulations regarding non-profits if applicableScope:             To effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. Environment:     Work is normally performed in an office settingContacts:           Contacts with all levels of employees, stakeholders and public officials and business partnersPhysical:           Occasionally lift up to 25 lbs. without assistanceTravel:               Weekly local travel and some overnight travel required to attend meetings/conferences; a reliable automobile with liability insurance and a general driver’s license is requiredOther:                 Safety conscious– Drug Free workplaceGeneral Requirements:Education:  Bachelor’s degree in Business, Leadership, Administration, or related field required.  Master’s degree desired.   Experience: Five years of related experience in the administration and management of government contracted programs. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:  Must have good leadership, management, and organizational skills; working knowledge of accounting systems and budgets; ability to work under the direction of boards and committees; and good communication skills.Specific Responsibilities:Responsible for the implementation of the agency mission and vision.Responsible for identifying agency goals and objectives along with the mechanisms required to ensure their accomplishment.Responsible for designing appropriate programs, employment and management of required staff, and safeguarding agency assets.Responsible for ensuring that the agency financial operations are adequate; that the Executive Board is fully informed on financial operations, and that expenditures comply with grants and contracts.Responsible for interpreting board policy, statements, and directives, and communicating such to advisory boards, appropriate staff, and outside entities as needed.Responsible for monitoring availability of grant funds and directing appropriate staff to complete RFPs and applications when attainment of such funds would be in the best interest of the agency and clients, while ensuring that resources are consistent with board policy.Responsible for coordinating with program directors and fiscal officer to ensure safeguarding of agency assets, including inventories and records of such, as well as operating programs within budget constraints and contract requirements.Responsible for working with directors to ensure compliance with all program grant or contract requirements and procedures as well as other pertinent laws and regulations, including the necessary monitoring to assure compliance.Responsible for interfacing with the appropriate committees, councils, boards, subcontractors, service providers, and others having contracts, commitments, agreements, or other obligations with the agency.Responsible for coordination with public officials, organizations, groups, and individuals having common goals and objectives to ensure compatibility of programs offered by the agency.Responsible for ensuring public relations regarding the agency and communication with the public is consistent with board policy and the mission and goals of the agency.Responsible for enforcing overall agency administrative procedures in accordance with federal, state, and local government regulations.Responsible for ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws.Responsible for carrying out communication and directives as assigned by the Executive Board through the Executive Board Chair.Responsible for advising the Executive Board Chair of all pertinent information regarding the management and operation of the agency.Responsible for recommendations and approval of all salary adjustments for Director level staff and consulting with directors on programs staff salary changes as needed.Responsible for being available to all state, federal, and independent auditors.Responsible for identifying and participating in training opportunities as necessary and beneficial to the position and agency.Responsible for approval of revised Personnel Policies and salary scale prior to submitting to Policy Council and Executive Board for approval and implementation.Responsible for approval of all agency expenditures in excess of $10,000.Responsible for the overall operation of the agency and its programs in all areas of administration and service delivery.Responsible for approval of program responses of monitoring and audit findings prior to release to the funding sources.Responsible for representing the agency in industry-related functions when attendance and participation is necessary or would benefit the agency, appointing alternates when appropriate.Responsible for attending Executive Board meetings and assisting the Board Chair upon request.Responsible for approval and release of agency media statements.Responsible for approval of program directors’ time and attendance, travel expenditures, and paid time off, as well as the professional development of assigned staff.All other duties as assigned.      


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Applications will be accepted through close of businness/4:30 PM on October 19, 2023




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