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Miriam Marlin, Youth Program


Miriam Marlin is an 18-year-old In-School Youth from Metter, GA who was enrolled in WIOA in

November of 2019. She was in the 10th grade and needed assistance to complete high school. She

wanted to gain work experience and was interested in working with children. Through the Youth Work

Experience (WEX) program, which works with local employers to place youth in temporary employment,

Miriam was able to work at the Candler Boys and Girls Club. She graduated high school in May of 2022

and is now attending East Georgia State College pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.

Miriam had this to say about her experience in the WIOA Youth Program, “The WIOA program

has been very beneficial to me. Working with the children at the Boys and Girls Club helped me decide

what I wanted my major to be in college. It gave me a lot of preparation for what to expect in the

future. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.”


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