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Samanta Dixon, ITA Program


    Samanta Dixon, a native of Toombs County, was attending Southeastern Technical College’s Licensed Practical Nursing Program when enrolled in the WIOA program. She was employed part-time with Memorial Health Meadows Hospital but was only PRN (as needed). With the lack of income, the financial burden of completing the LPN program was overwhelming. Samanta needed WIOA assistance to help with her tuition, supplies, and the daily transportation stipend to continue attending school. Since completing the Licensed Practical Nursing program in Spring 2022, she passed her state board exam and was offered a full-time position at Memorial Health Meadows Hospital as an LPN. Samanta has been a great participant, she has worked very hard and overcome obstacles that would have caused many people to give up, but she persisted and achieved her goals!  

Samanta shared her experience by saying, “Two months before enrolling in the program, I went through a very traumatic experience. I began the LPN program knowing the financial burden it would be. I’m very thankful for WIOA and the help I received with uniforms, weekly stipends, and required testing fees. Thank you WIOA, you all have been a big part of my journey.”


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